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EE551050/551701D+L NSK Tapered roller bearing

Brand Name NSK
Model Number EE551050/551701D+L
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


EE126098/126151D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingMounting Hole Size:9 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:14 mm; Outer rings PCD:217 mm; da:168 mm; Chamfer:1.5 mm; B:28 mm; Static Load Rating:131.9 kN; Dynamic Load Rating:73.1 kN; d:115 mm; Da:188 mm; Inner rings PCD:139 mm; Number of Mounting Holes:12; D:240 mm;
260KBE30+L NSK Tapered roller bearingOil Holes:3 mm; B:30 mm; Static Load Rating:187.3 kN; D:230 mm; Radius:1.5 mm; d:150 mm; Da:198 mm; da:181 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:114.3 kN;
EE231462 NSK Tapered roller bearingDa:188 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:73.1 kN; D:210 mm; Radius:1.5 mm; B:25 mm; da:168 mm; d:150 mm; Static Load Rating:131.9 kN; Oil Holes:2.5 mm;
240KBE31+L NSK Tapered roller bearingStatic Load Rating:63.6 kN; da:117 mm; Da:132 mm; Mounting Hole Size:5.5 mm; Inner rings PCD:97 mm; d:80 mm; B:22 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; D:165 mm; Number of Mounting Holes:10; Outer rings PCD:148 mm; Chamfer:1 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:9.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:40.4 kN;
EE551002/551664D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingDynamic Load Rating:18.9 kN; d:50 mm; Static Load Rating:23.4 kN; B:13 mm; Da:72 mm; D:80 mm; da:57.2 mm; Oil Holes:2 mm; Radius:0.6 mm;
EE275108/275161D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingOil Holes:1.5 mm; d:30 mm; da:35 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:8.2 kN; Radius:0.6 mm; Da:46.8 mm; D:55 mm; Static Load Rating:9.2 kN; B:10 mm;
EE971298/972103D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingRadius:2 mm; Static Load Rating:200.6 kN; Da:279 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; D:300 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:90.5 kN; d:240 mm; da:257 mm; B:25 mm;
67791/67720D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingRadius:0.6 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:4.5 kN; D:41 mm; B:8 mm; Oil Holes:1.5 mm; da:27.9 mm; Da:35.8 mm; Static Load Rating:4.8 kN; d:25 mm;
200KBE3502+L NSK Tapered roller bearingD:280 mm; Da:259 mm; Radius:2 mm; da:237 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; Static Load Rating:183.5 kN; B:25 mm; d:220 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:86.3 kN;
180KBE42+L NSK Tapered roller bearingOil Holes:2 mm; D:90 mm; da:67 mm; B:13 mm; d:60 mm; Da:82 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:20.3 kN; Static Load Rating:27 kN; Radius:0.6 mm;



LM446349/LM446310D+LNSK20 mm140 mm90 mm104 mm120 mm - - -
94700/94114D+LNSK25 mm210 mm150 mm168 mm188 mm - - -
200KBE030+LNSK16 mm120 mm80 mm92 mm109 mm - - -
220KBE42+LNSK22 mm165 mm80 mm117 mm132 mm - - -
300KBE5002+LNSK13 mm110 mm80 mm87 mm102 mm - - -
EE295950/295192D+LNSK35 mm295 mm160 mm218 mm238 mm - - -
260KBE031+LNSK25 mm220 mm160 mm181 mm198 mm - - -
HR190KBE52X+LNSK16 mm140 mm100 mm112 mm129 mm - - -
EE132084/132126D+LNSK30 mm230 mm150 mm181 mm198 mm - - -
220KBE042+LNSK15 mm95 mm35 mm57 mm73 mm - - -
175KBE3201+LNSK10 mm60 mm35 mm40 mm51.8 mm - - -
HM252349/HM252311D+LNSK8 mm36 mm20 mm22.9 mm30.8 mm - - -
LL537649/LL537610D+LNSK25 mm310 mm250 mm267 mm289 mm - - -
EE722110/722186D+LNSK10 mm65 mm40 mm45 mm56.8 mm - - -
EE127095/127136D+LNSK25 mm310 mm250 mm267 mm289 mm - - -
EE921124/921851D+LNSK22 mm165 mm80 mm117 mm132 mm - - -
EE127095/127137D+LNSK25 mm310 mm250 mm267 mm289 mm - - -
93750/93127D+LNSK16 mm130 mm90 mm104 mm120 mm - - -
200KBE3501+LNSK25 mm240 mm190 mm203 mm223 mm - - -
210KBE3001+LNSK20 mm220 mm170 mm183 mm203 mm - - -
273KBE4251+LNSK20 mm140 mm90 mm104 mm120 mm - - -


EE551050/551701D+L NSK Tapered roller bearing Video


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